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Leicester Mobile Mechanic

maintaining 1000 cars per year in Leicester since 1995

I believe that every car on the road should be safe and every driver should have a reliable and honest mechanic to hand. By offering experience and expert advice whilst doing a great job every time, I’ve been able to build long-term relationships with hundreds of car owners around Leicester, some lasting over 20 years.

Broken Down?

I do not have the facilities to handle emergency call outs and breakdowns, for a reliable 24 hour breakdown service, I always recommend joining The AA.

I'm a car specialist

I do not have the facilities to work on bikes, vans, or larger vehicles.

My Services

Car MOT - £65

Being the owner of a vehicle on the road, you are required by law to hold a valid MOT certificate. Moreton Motors are not a verified MOT testing station but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your car MOT’d with us. I have been involved with MOT’ing cars for around 30 years and I’ve partnered with only the most trustworthy MOT stations around Leicester.

I will take care of booking the MOT, picking up and taking your car to the MOT testing station and either dropping it off or arranging pick up depending on your preference and availability… all for just £65!

If for any reason your vehicle fails the MOT, I will advise you how to move forward, talk you through the areas of concern and if necessary, offer an on-the-spot quote and time-frame for any work to be carried out.

Car Diagnostics Check - £65

A car diagnostics check involves running your car’s computer through testing software to tell you exactly why your warning light is on or why your car isn’t running as it should be.

A diagnostic check is done wherever you are, using a portable device and takes less than an hour to complete costing just £60!

Car Service - From £115*

A car service is a routine check on your vehicle to keep it safe, running smoothly and to detect any small problems that could rapidly escalate into more expensive jobs. Some services contain over 50 vital checks and tweaks.

Car services should be carried out at least every 12 months if you drive less than 10,000 miles per year. The level of service, either interim or full, will be determined by the car history.

*The £115 service is for an interim service on certain smaller engines manufactured pre 2002. All car types and prices vary.

Standard Hourly Rate - £65

Every job for every model can vary in time and costs for parts. Because of this, I can only offer an estimated quote and time-frame for the work to be completed based on industry information and past experience.

As a guide, I charge a standard hourly rate of £65 + parts. This may sound expensive but most jobs can be fixed in under an hour and unlike other garages and mobile mechanics in Leicester, I do not charge extra for travel costs or advice and I do not add VAT on top.

repairing cars for over 30 years

I’m a fully qualifiedaward winning mechanic and proud member of The Institute of the Motor Industry.
Working hard throughout early education lead to work placements at various garages around Leicester, including Renault, where I carefully crafted my skills as a car mechanic…

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mechanic in leicester

1000 cars per year

100% Positive reviews

60,000 hrs of car repairs